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Holding Hands


One Page Counseling Tools by Topic

The one page counseling sheets are designed to help you (the counselor) to know how to have a conversation with others (those you counsel) when you set down to talk with them, in whatever setting you choose, about the life issue they are struggling with and they have asked you to help them with.


Below (using the topic of anger) is the format for how each of the one page counseling topics follows the same format:

  • What is The Problem — Can you tell me what happened, and why you became angry? (a list of suggested questions are provided on the one page counseling sheet).

  • What is God's Perspective — Would you like to know what God's Word says about anger?

  1. A Biblical example​ (a person in the Bible is provided as an example of anger on the one page counseling sheet)

  2. What happens when we get angry (a list of Biblical results are provided on the one page counseling sheet) 


  • What is The Plan — Would you like to know how to overcome your anger? ​(On the one page counseling sheet you are provided with practical applications that are gospel-focused and show how the gospel can be applied to the issue of anger)


NOTE — The One Page Counseling Tools are only available to members. 

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