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What is The Cost for Membership?

While C2C is in a season of development, membership is currently open to those who apply (see the requirements below) with all FEES for membership WAIVED at this time.

What is The Process for Membership?

The Membership Application Packet Contains Four Documents to Complete & Submit

1. Complete and submit the Pastoral/Leadership Recommendation.
2. Complete and submit the Membership Application.
3. Sign and submit the Statement of Faith.
4. Sign and submit the Affirmation & Denials.

Conference Discounts

C2C will hold annual conferences, training (live and by zoom)

Members receive a 10% discount on all conferences and events.

Certificate of Membership

Certificate of Membership

All members of C2C will receive a certificate of membership to display that notes they are a recognized  and recommended lay counselor, and are in good standing with their local church and C2C.

Counseling Tools

In the counseling tools section there are a list of counseling topics, such as (anger, anxiety, depression, abuse, self-harm, same sex attraction.) and much more that are being added regularly.


Each of these topics are a one page ministry counseling tool that helps guide you through a counseling conversation, in a very practical way, with those you counsel


The one page counseling tools are only available to members..

NoteClick this link for an example of how to use the one sheet counseling tool.

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